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Dear Visitor,

mrszki logoWe welcome you to our school's homepage, and do hope that you'll be satisfied browsing it, and return time and again. Therefore we aim to provide you diversity of contents, and permanently update our pages. Besides the documents and information of general interest public institutions are bound to publish, we also endeavour to publish different kinds of information related to us alone. On our pages you can keep track of the significant events of our school just as the alterations of our organisation.

Being a school, it's both our obligation and interest to use every means to support our students' learning and keep in touch with them. That's why on our pages you can find much information assisting learning, and concerning organisational matters. Our registered users can access the electronic database of our school through this homepage.

In addition to providing static information, our homepage aims to maintain dynamic and interactive communication. Our forum, chat page and e-learning site provide wide opportunity for everyone wishing to learn or have a talk. Here we look forward to your inquiries, comments, suggestions. You'll surely get an answer either at once online or later in the forum. It equally may be one of the school leaders, teachers or students who will respond. The heart of the matter is that you can tell your opinion, ask a question or ask for help, and anybody, feeling themselves competent, can react. Although it's long years now that our homepage has been working, no one wanted to misuse it ever. We ask you to do so too.

The 'Students' site' is an independent world within our homepage, and we hope it flourish and prosper continually. Its editing and content is to develop and support our students' fields of interest, their desire to express and manifest themselves, their intent to enforce their interests.

I think it is not possible to talk - and I shouldn't either - about everything in detail here. Discover for yourself everything I've mentioned, and everything I haven't.

I wish you successful surfing,


István Bagi police colonel,

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